6 April 2022

In light of the changes to BC’s COVID-19 public health mandates, the staff and Board of Access Gallery has discussed our concerns, and decided on a slow approach to our organizational health measures. 

18 November 2021

You are invited to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting, to take place on Wednesday 8 December at 6:30PM, on zoom. Please renew your membership and be sure to RSVP if you plan to attend.

27 October 2021

In recognition of the labour that goes into artist's applications as well as the labour of the jury members who review them, we’re shifting our call to reflect an introduction format. This is an opportunity to introduce us to yourself and your practice, as well as identify which areas of our program you are interested in being considered for.

29 September 2021

Access Gallery is closed to observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on 30 September 2021 

2 September 2021

Our Work Is These Conversations is a three-episode podcast that accompanies Conditional Belonging, a multi-media exhibition that foregrounds nuanced personal and communal narratives while enabling a temporary belonging for alternative ways of being, knowing, and making. 

20 July 2021

*Trigger Warning: acknowledgement of death, residential schools*

The Board and Staff of Access Gallery wishes to state our support for Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, and our solidarity with those demanding justice for the lives lost, autonomy taken, and cultural survivance disrupted as a result of colonial violence, specifically the legacy of residential schools and day schools.

15 July 2021

We're thrilled to open our doors this summer to share our programming with you. Access is operated by limited staff, and in order to keep everyone safe within our capacity, we ask that you respect our COVID-19 safety procedures when you visit the gallery. Drawing on recommendations from Worksafe BC, but also considering our limited staffing capacity, we are implementing the following procedures:

26 May 2021

As a Board and Staff, Access Gallery denounces the violence toward Palestinians by Israel. We send our care and support to Palestinians facing ongoing violence, and to those in our community with loved ones in Palestine, and with histories of displacement and dispossession as a result of this occupation.

8 April 2021

In the ten months since publishing our statement of commitment to anti-racism, Access has been continuing this work as a Board and Staff, as well as undertaking our own individual learning. We remain committed to this work, and consider this an ongoing process to be mobilized with increased urgency. We acknowledge that our efforts are informed by the labour of BIPOC communities.

Updates on our commitments include:

26 March 2021

As a Board and Staff, Access Gallery denounces the ongoing racial violence towards Asian communities around the world. We send our care and support to those facing ongoing racial, gender-based, and sexualized violence.

2 February 2021

Pen-pal matchmaking is free to current members. Sign-up here! We will send you the address of your pen pal (along with some cute stationery to get you started) after that, it’s all you!

All matches will be made 2 ways, you will get someone’s address and someone else will get yours, creating the potential for 2 connections!

1 February 2021

Arts Assembly & Access Gallery invite remotely-situated artists to apply to the Remote Research Residency (RRR).